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Mounting Overseas Investment

Shandong province has made great efforts in the past decade or more to improve its investment environment to attract more foreign capital.

 Investment Policy

A leadership responsibility system has been instituted. For major foreign-invested projects, an administrative leading official should take personal responsibility in promoting the project and setting up an on-site office to help solve all kinds of problems concerning business negotiation, construction, production and operation.

 Foreign Cooperation

Shandong is one of the first groups of coastal provinces in China designated by the Chinese Government to open to foreign investment and trade.

 Foreign Affairs Agencies


 Economic Facts

Since the introduction of the reform and opening policy in China, the economy of Shandong Province has undergone sustained and healthy development. With an ever increasingly rationalized industrial structure, growing economic effect and profit, the provincial GDP has seen average annual growth of over 10 percent and soaring GDP per capita that now exceeds 10,000 Yuan, so that Shandong leads the country in terms of major economic indicators.

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